Floodplain Conditional Use Permit

To minimize damage to structures during flood events, the County requires all new construction in the floodplain to be anchored against movement by floodwaters, resistant to flood forces, constructed with flood-resistant materials, and flood- proofed or elevated so that the first floor of living space, as well as all mechanical and services, is at least one foot above the elevation of the 100-year flood. These standards apply to new structures and to substantial improvements of existing structures. The County defines a substantial improvement as any reconstruction, rehabilitation, or addition to an existing structure, the cost of which exceeds 50 percent of the structure’s appraised or market value (whichever the builder chooses to use). Contact the Blaine County Land Use & Building Services for more information at (208) 788-5570. Additionally, most other types of development within the floodplain also require a Special use permit, such as grading, cut and fill, installation of riprap, and other bank stabilization techniques. County staff is available to undertake site visits, if requested, to review flood, riparian and setback issues.

Contact the County Land Use Department at (208) 788-5570 or click here for the County regulations, prior to undertaking any activity within the floodplain.

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