Blaine County Recycle Center

Recycle Center

110 Ohio Gulch Road

Monday-Friday 8:30 - 5:00 p.m.





           Lamar Waters 

       Tim Zweimiller

               Nick Cahuanna


Mr. Waters' Big Job
A book written by Pioneer Montessori Lower Elementary Students


Phone Books:

As you replace your old phone books with new ones, please recycle the old books with other "mixed paper." Mixed paper includes products such as cereal boxes, greeting cards, newspapers and magazines. 
Phone books often come wrapped in plastic to prevent weather damage and may have promotional magnets on the front. Please remove any non-paper products from the old books to preserve the value of the material for recycling.
Thank you for recycling with 5B Recycles, a Blaine County program.




 Learn more about Recycling in Blaine County and Worldwide!

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 America Recycles Day
            is always
November 15th

          Earth Day
            is always
April 22nd

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