Clean Energy


Blaine County's Clean Energy Goals

 In 2021, elected leaders in Blaine County and the cities of Bellevue, Hailey, and Ketchum unanimously adopted ambitious clean energy goals. The clean energy goals reflect the urgency of the climate crisis and the need to transform the energy, building, and transportation sectors.  

  • 75% by 2025 for municipal electricity use 

  • 100% by 2030 for municipal electricity use 

  • 100% by 2035 for community-wide electricity supply 

  • 100% by 2030 for municipal fleets and equipment as feasible

  • 100% by 2045 for all energy uses

After establishing its clean energy goals, Blaine County sought assistance from ICLEI USA, which led the county and cities of Hailey, Bellevue, and Ketchum to join ICLEI USA Cities Race to Zero. You can learn more about ICLEI USA here. According to their research and evaluation, ICLEI determined the following emissions reduction targets:

  • A 60% Emissions Reductions Target by 2030

  • A budget of 124,790 Metric Tons of CO2e

Clean Energy Modeling and Feasibility AnalysisClean Energy Modeling and Feasibility Analysis

Blaine County and the City of Ketchum hired the Brendle Group to thoroughly analyze the high-impact practices, performance measures, and science-based targets calculated by ICLEI USA. ICLEI used its Carbon Neutral Framework to establish a pathway for Blaine County to achieve its emissions reduction targets and clean energy goals. The county’s objectives were to lend assurance of achievability and create a roadmap anchored in local data and reflective of our community priorities.

The following high-impact strategies were identified based on their alignment with the county's progressive clean energy goals, and their potential impact on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. The following strategies focus on energy supply, while the other high-impact strategies focus on buildings and transportation.

  • Reduce the carbon intensity of our grid

  • Switch to clean energy for municipal electricity use

  • Expand renewable energy access

  • Procure utility-scale renewable energy 

You can access the full Clean Energy Modeling and Feasibility Analysis here.

Clean Energy and Green Building Task Force

In May of 2022, 5B CAN began organizing task force groups to discuss the topic of Clean Energy and Green Building. Industry and community stakeholders have been meeting monthly to discuss and refine goals and actions that will make up the bulk of the county’s Sustainability and Climate Action Plan. 

Stay tuned for more information about the great work our task force groups are accomplishing.