Adult Misdemeanor Probation



Probation provides an opportunity for an individual to be held accountable for their criminal behavior and have court ordered terms and conditions monitored within the community.   Probation is a privilege and is often used in lieu of imposing jail time.  Supervised probation means that a probation officer will be working with you towards successfully completing the terms and conditions order by the judge.  It is important to note that the court routinely gives the probation officer the discretion to direct you to complete education, counseling, or other activities as deemed appropriate. 

Supervised Probation

Upon your sentencing, you have five (5) days to make initial contact with the Blaine County Probation Department.  It is recommended that the first contact be in person.  You will be asked to bring copies of assessments/evaluations completed as part of your criminal case, provide information about your restricted driving permit (see additional information on next page), fill out intake paperwork that will be provided to your assigned probation officer and a first appointment will be scheduled.  This first contact is an excellent time to ask some basic questions and all department staff are happy to assist you with basic information.  Your first meeting with your probation officer will take anywhere from 30 minutes to 1 hour. 

The purpose of your first probation meeting is to obtain information, give information about initial expectations and answer questions.  Individuals placed on probation are assessed to determine their level of supervision and this is determined by the type of crime, criminal history, as well as other factors that have been proven to predict the likelihood that an individual may commit another crime.  The intent is to help you be successful in completing the expectations of your probation and help motivate you to make positive changes.  We want you to succeed! 

Any Blaine County Probation Department Staff member can answer basic questions about probation, but we also have extensive knowledge of resources in our community, region and within the state that can help you be successful.