Angenie McCleary

Angenie McCleary

Angenie McCleary

Vice Chair


Phone: 208-788-5500


Angenie McCleary has been serving as Blaine County Commissioner since 2008. She was elected by Blaine County voters in November 2018, 2016, 2012 and 2010, and was originally appointed to the Board of Blaine County Commissions by Governor Otter in July 2008. Her term will expire in 2022.

Angenie has been a resident of the Wood River Valley since 1999. With her Masters in Social Work and background in health and human services with a strong emphasis on work with youth and youth issues, Angenie understands the challenges facing Blaine County families. Her community organizing experience in Blaine County led to Angenie’s desire to serve in public office.

Social Service

Her social service experience brings balance to the Board of County Commissioners and allows her to provide expertise on issues relevant to our community. Angenie believes County government’s primary role is to maintain and enhance our community’s health, safety, and quality of life. Of particular interest to Angenie are the issues of public transportation and mobility, air service, affordable housing, integration of Blaine County’s growing Latino population, mental health and substance abuse services, and public safety.

As County Commissioner, Angenie serves on the boards of many local, regional and state groups and organizations, including:

  • 5B Restoration Coalition
  • Behavioral Health Interagency Cooperative
  • Blaine County Ambulance Board
  • Blaine County Regional Transportation Committee
  • Community Mental Health Task Force
  • Friedman Memorial Airport Authority
  • IAC Health and Human Services Committee
  • IAC Justice and Public Safety Committee
  • Idaho State Behavioral Health Planning Council
  • Sawtooth Snowmobile Club
  • Sawtooth Valley Wildland Fire Collaborative
  • Sawtooth Vision 20/20 Steering Committee
  • Snake River Juvenile Detention Center
  • South Central Behavioral Health Board
  • South Central Public Health District Board


Angenie is committed to ensuring that Blaine County government is fiscally responsible and manages its resources efficiently and effectively. She also works to ensure Blaine County government is open and transparent, and that its departments provide excellent customer serve.