Lateral 75 Ranch Subdivision Materials

A Exhibits - Applicant Submittals

  1. A-1 Completed application form, revised, received 3-22-21
  2. A-2 Vicinity map
  3. A-4 Drone aerial and topography
  4. A-5 Applicant responses to Threshold Standards, revised, received 3-22-21
  5. A-6 Impact Assessment Form, revised, received 3-22-21
  6. A-7 Hales Engineering Traffic Impact Study
  7. A-8 Wetland memo - Sawtooth Environmental Consulting
  8. A-9 Setback waiver request
  9. A-10 Phasing request memo and draft agreement
  10. A-13 Road in SHO exhibit
  11. A-14 Draft Community Rules
  12. A-16 Applicant Presentation 05-13-21
  13. A-17 Brockway Engineering Technical Memo, received 5-19-21
  14. A-18 Compatibility memo
  15. A-18-map referenced in compatibility memo
  16. A-19 Lot size compatibility exhibit
  17. A-21 Hales Engineering memo on COVID impact
  18. A-22 Lake water quality memo
  19. A-23 Applicant-SCPHD correspondence re setbacks
  20. A-24 Water Quality Lab Report
  21. A-25 Technical Memo-acquifer impact analysis
  22. A-26 Applicant proposed draft amended conditions.pdf
  23. A-27 Copy of June 10 presentation.pdf
  24. A-28 Private open space exhibit.pdf
  25. A-31 Intersection improvement easement exhibit.pdf
  26. A-32 Gas line easement Instrument 123437.pdf
  27. A-33 Gas line easement Instrument 123438.pdf
  28. A-34 Preliminary plat-revised-7-28-21.pdf
  29. A-35 Updated CCRs - 7-28-21.pdf
  30. A-36 Memo re caretaker unit - 7-28-21.pdf
  31. A-37 Revised Landscape Plan 07-29-21.pdf
  32. A-38 Revised Irrigation Schematic 07-29-21
  33. A-39 Typical Landscape Lake Lot 7-29-21.pdf
  34. A-40 AmenitySitePlan 7-29-21.pdf
  35. A-41 Storage Area Illustration 7-29-21.pdf
  36. A-42 James P. Speck letter and Elgee decision re irrigation, received 8-9-11
  37. A-47 IMG easement road of convenience memo and exhibit, received 9-9-21
  38. A-44 Brockway Engineering preliminary evaluation of inverted siphon, received 9-8-21
  39. A-45 Hales Engineering memo with June 2021 traffic counts, received 9-8-21
  40. A-46 Revised phasing request memo and draft agreement, received 9-8-21
  41. A-43 Hwy 75-East Glendale Rd intersection improvement options, received 9-8-21

B/U Exhibits - Utilities "Will Serve Letters"