What is the hiring process?

Follow all directions carefully. Failure to comply with the provided instructions may be grounds for rejection of your application:

  1. APPLY:  Your first step towards employment is to complete and submit Step 1 - the Personal History Questionnaire of our Application.  In Step 2, you will be required to upload and submit certain required documents to verify your eligibility. 
  2. REVIEW: All applications will be reviewed for eligibility. Applicants will be selected for testing and interviews.
    1. DEPUTY TESTING: Applicants for certified deputy positions must pass a Written Basic Skills Test and Physical Readiness Test.
    2. CONTROL OPERATOR TESTING: Applicants for Control or Administrative positions must pass a Computer Skills Test.
  4. INTERVIEWS: Applicants must pass Oral Board and Background Interviews. 
  5. CONDITIONAL OFFER: If you are selected as a finalist a Conditional Offer may be made. Depending on the position the Conditional Offer may include medical, hearing, sight, and a polygraph examination.
  6. BACKGROUND INVESTIGATION: All applicants must pass a thorough background investigation.
  7. OFFER: A formal job offer will be made to those individuals selected for employment.
  8. If you have any questions while you are completing the application contact our Hiring Coordinator hcarter@co.blaine.id.us or (208)788-5536.

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